Member Benefits

Member Benefits

There are many people in our society who are going through various problems and issues. In the time of need, people look for the help and advice from others. But because in today’s world, most of the people focus only on “Me and My Family”, they do not receive much needed help when required.

Through Saral Parivar, Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji, founder of Saral Vaastu, has initiated the noble work to create a community, in which people can help each other when in need. This is achieved by creating the positive change in the society by transforming people to look beyond from “Me and My Family” to “Me , My Family & My Society” by enabling people to help others who are in need.

Positive Impact

Access to an ecosystem to create a positive impact on society, country and the world we live in.

Network of Trusted Community

Access to network of trusted community of people who are are motivated to create positive impact to their society

Ecosystem to Fulfill

Free access to an ecosystem to fulfill to their life needs i.e. education, career, business, marriage, acquiring property, etc. in a phased manner.

Blessings people

Blessings from people who come out of their problems

Saral Marriage

Find your right life partner through an intelligent search not only looking at compatibility of interests and preferences but also ensuring right match from a sustainable matrimony perspective.

Maintain coordial relationship between families of bride and bridegroom, as both families would be Saral Vaastu compliant

Saral Property

Ensure that your hard earned investment in buying / constructing a new house brings in happiness and prosperity in the lives of all family members.

Assist in Sale & Purchase of Properties such as site, apartment and buildings with an element of trust and transparency.

Help in finding suitable rental accomodation so that by utilising positive energy you will be able to succeed in all your life goals

Saral Jobs

Find the right job opportunity near the place of preference which shall match to your career aspirations and help you grow professionally on a sustained basis using the right directions.

Assist in getting right self learning or classroom courses for skill upgradation to improve employability prospects

Help resolve anxiety during job search or when in between jobs or first few months in any new role in a new organisations

Saral Education

Give your children the power of directions so that they can excel in all aspects of their education.

Access to guidance for different career choices available post their 10th / 12th grades.

Get the right educational counselling for your child based on interests and aptitude

Assist in getting financial assistance or educational loan for higher studies

Create awareness about different schools and colleges

Saral Health

Plans to make you healthy within 3 – 8 months. Healing you of the ailments without the medication Activating 7 Chakras with the help of directions to minimize the chances of diseases

Upcoming segments in future